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Talk to one of the two guards inside the hut in Indigo Plateau to battle the Elite Four which then moves on to Champion Gary.

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I grew up watching Pokemon and now my daughter (11) is equally enthralled with the indigo series.

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Those are the ones that truly define who I am and never fail to make me smile.

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Pokemon was an amazing show when Ash Ketchum was travelling with his friends Misty and Brock.Pokemon (Season 1) Indigo League in Hindi Dubbed Complete Season Mp4, 3Gp Free Download.Sitting at the end of Route 23, the Indigo Plateau is a place that holds the final 5 battles of the Indigo League and the Johto League.You must have 8 badges to enter Victory Road which then leads to Indigo Plateau.

Indigo Plateau is where you can battle the Elite Four and Champion Gary.

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Add Video Add Image This Game Uses An Open World Hub No Edits Pokemon Gameplay Each Character Will Hit A Certain Button And Acess Their Current Pokemon (Like Spells In Lego Hary Potter) And Switch Between.

The Pokemon TV series is one of the longest running anime ever, especially of the ones that are still broadcast in the US as well.Overall 7.2 - This is a review on Ballz the over the top humor filled fighting game for the sega genesis.